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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical aspects of web designing. It is also known that there is no proven formula that will bring up your website in search engine rankings. Search engines browse through millions of website and index them in their database. For each website, they look at the domain name (keyword matching domain names are an important tool of SEO), text, web page name, the titles/names of the photos/graphics, what text is bold or is a heading and many other such factors. They all add up to indicate to the search engine that this site has the content which a visitor is looking for when he types in certain keywords. The web developer also adds code (such as title tags, meta tags, alt tags, heading tags, anchor text) to help the search engines in giving the website a higher ranking.

Other factors which play important role in search engine ranking are: how long your website has been in existence and how many other (relevant) websites link back to your website. Factors like these are extremely important but you may have no control over them.

Recent factors which affect SE rankings are social networking specially Google +1s, Facebook shares and Tweets.

Local Search - Optimizing for local search is much more rewarding than trying to achieve state or country wide rankings. Billions of searches are conducted each month and it is estimated that 40% are for local businesses, products and services. Local search is also growing at a very fast rate. Thus, it is an excellent area for local businesses to focus on. Moreover, the customers using local search are more likely to hire you or purchase your products.?

Every SEO campaign is unique. It is created specially for the website in hand. Your SEO campaign will be based on the keywords that you expect prospective visitors to use when searching for a site like yours. We take care to optimize your site in every possible way.

SEO results cannot be shown in days or weeks. It takes months to achieve them. We are here to build an effective SEO campaign for you.


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