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Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance for Existing Clients

A B Web Designs takes pride in creating and maintaining its websites. Therefore, we offer free support for 2 months for committed features. Any new features can be added for mutually agreed price. After the initial period of 2 months is over, we maintain the website at a reasonable price. We are always available to make timely and appropriate changes to our clients' websites whenever needed. We value each and every client and make sure that the web designer/client relationship is maintained for years to come.

Maintenance for New Clients

Every website needs maintenance after it has been online for 6 months. You may need to add fresh content (text and images), change SEO tags, may be add new features and so on. Your own web designer may be too busy with new projects to maintain your website. Updates which require a few hours may be postponed for weeks. This could result in serious loss for you. Website maintenance is a routine procedure and most updates are simple and can be done in just a day or two. Hence, if your web designer takes weeks, may be months, to do updates, then, it is time to change your designer.

Website Redesign

A B Web Designs also specializes in "Website Makeover". Is your website looking dated? Let us infuse new life into it by adding new content, pictures, graphics, new features etc. May be we could recreate it altogether with a new design. These measures will help in retaining your visitors and making sure that they keep coming back.


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