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IERC Education Foundation


Project Description

Client: IERC Education Foundation

Category: Education

About Client

International Educational Resource Center Education Foundation (IERCEF), is the only social-enterprise using education abroad to strategically strengthen college students' academic and marketplace outcomes. Their target audience, Minority Serving Institutions such as HBCUs. 

IERCEF's Agenda: to develop sustainable international programming that would boost study abroad participation and the employability outcomes of more African and Latino American college graduates.


A B Web Designs has created a sophisticated design for IERCEF. A college questionnaire has been developed to enable the students to register themselves on the site for a nominal fee. The form has auto save and password protection features.

A robust CMS (content management system) has been created so that IERCEF can easily update the content as often as it requires.

Services Provided

  • Professional Design

  • Web Development

  • Database Structure

  • Custom Content Management System

  • Site Maintenance